Agriculture Water Productivity Mapping

Agriculture Water Productivity Mapping for Central-Asia (AWP-CA) is the Google Earth Engine supported on-the fly web mapping tool by harvesting open access data and also calculating derived indices and products for the given period. Tool display data and relative production variability across the region or zoom to specific country. The framework of AWP can be …

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The Agricultural Research e-Seeker (AReS)

The Agricultural Research e-Seeker (AReS) is a tool to discover, explore, and retrieve content from information and data repositories linked to CGIAR and its partners. It is designed to help make CGIAR knowledge findable, accessible, inter-operable and re-usable. Source:

Recarbonization of global soils

The implementation of proven Soil Organic Carbon (SOC)-centred Sustainable Soil Management (SSM) practices for maintaining carbon rich soils (peatlands, black soils, permafrost, etc.) and for sequestering more carbon in soils with such potential (croplands and degraded soils), would address the challenge of compensating global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Soil organic carbon sequestration has been shown …

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WOCAT SLM database

The Global Database on Sustainable Land Management (SLM) of WOCAT (the World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies) provides free access to the documentation of field-tested SLM data including SLM practices and maps from different places in the world and offers practitioners the opportunity to share their own SLM practice or map.

Locusts in CCA – Bulletin N.69

Moroccan Locust (DMA) hopper development continued in Azerbaijan and Georgia and finished in most Central Asia (CA) countries followed by fledging, mating and egg-laying. In many countries, particularly in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, anti-locust campaign was seriously hampered by COVID-19, and some DMA infestations were not treated in time.

Locusts in CCA – Bulletin N.70

Favored by hot and dry weather, Moroccan Locust (DMA) hopper development accelerated in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russian Federation and mating and egg-laying took place in the second half of the month.

Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2020: Towards sustainable economies

Decades of high economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region have transformed its socioeconomic landscape – lifting a billion people out of extreme poverty in the past two decades and raising living standards of even greater numbers. However, such growth has been accompanied by growing inequality of income and opportunity and is beginning to breach planetary …

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Demonstration of Diversification and Sustainable Crop Production Intensification – TCP/UZB/3601

Agriculture represents the largest sector of Uzbekistan’s economy and has the potential to add to overall economic growth and raise rural incomes. However, the sector under irrigated farming conditions is characterized by the dominance of the cotton and wheat monocropping system, which has been the source of major phytosanitary and environmental problems, with repercussions throughoutthe …

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CCA Locust Bulletin N68

Moroccan Locust (DMA) hopper development was in progress in Central Asia (CA) and in Azerbaijan. In Uzbekistan, dense hopper bands formed in the south. Italian Locust (CIT) hatching started in Uzbekistan.

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