Бедствия, вызванные изменением климата

Изменение климата в Центральной Азии: точка невозврата пройдена?

Вот уже несколько недель подряд в Центральной Азии наблюдается аномальная жара, где температура превышает средние показатели для этого времени года. Также наблюдается аномальная жара по всему миру. С чем это связано в первую очередь? В мае этого года вместе с коллегами я опубликовал исследование, которое показывает, что изменение климата в Центральной Азии уже наступило. Одним …

Изменение климата в Центральной Азии: точка невозврата пройдена? Узнать больше

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Climate Risk Profile: Central Asia

Overview of historical and future climate trends of the region, current climate plans and strategies in the region, and projects that are implemented to limit climate change effects.

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Climate dilemmas in Central Asia

The climate change situation will lead to inevitable detrimental consequences for Tajikistan through current glacier melting and water source issues. Serious economic issues and poverty are being currently experienced in Tajikistan, which takes the focus of the government’s monetary police away from climate centered projects.

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Agricultural drought over water-scarce Central Asia aggravated by internal climate variability

The 2021 drought, which swept across Central Asia and strongly affected agriculture and livestock. The publication shows data since 1992 on Central Asian droughts and how they have influenced internal variability within the region. The findings introduce a promotion of climate policies to be made by in-region policy makers to remedy the situation.


Global Economic Prospects, chapter titled “Europe and Central Asia”

Economic growth in Europe and Central Asia is estimated to have sharply declined in 2022 and is projected to remain unchanged in 2023. The near-term economic outlook poses a risk to global financial conditions, financial turmoil, and worsening energy shortages. Inflation, high food and energy prices.

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Publications on climate change issues

Publications on climate change issues in the context of countries of Central Asia and the region as a whole

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