We invite everyone to register and use the resources of the Community of Practice platform on Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems Nexus approach. This platform offers the opportunity to gain new knowledge and networking within the Central Asian region. By registering on the platform, you:


· get the opportunity to network with other experts in the field;


· keep up to date with current news, announcements of events and opportunities in the field of water, energy and food security;


· will be able to study online and have access to relevant knowledge products;


· can share your posts on your account;


· offer the moderator your materials on the topic (news, announcements, videos, etc.) for publication.


To register on the platform, click on the link.


Also join the Community of Practice telegram group at the link.


The Community of Practice platform is a communication and outreach platform for bringing together representatives of educational institutions, research institutions, government agencies, international organizations, youth and other stakeholders. The platform was created in 2022 by USAID WAVE in collaboration with CAREC on the basis of the Eurasian River Basin Portal (riverbp.net).


Additional information: Ludmila Kiktenko, Environmental Management Programme’s Manager, CAREC, lkiktenko@carececo.org


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