We are writing to request your participation in the 11th International Conference on Children’s Health and the Environment, to be held virtually or on-site on 27-28 October 2023, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

It is an important opportunity to share experiences and scientific advances about children’s health and environment. Scientists, Policy Makers, Pediatricians, Nurses, Doctors, Educators, Urban planners, Interest groups, are all asked to contribute to this international conference. International accreditation points secured!


  • International Network for Children’s Health, Environment and Safety (INCHES)
  • Karakalpakstan Medical Institute (KMI)
  • International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE)
  • Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan
  • UNICEF, UNFPA, WHO (to be invited and confirmed)

The conference has the following objectives:

  • to provide an international forum for the latest research findings in children’s environmental health
  • to define the relationship between environmental contaminants and children’s health
  • to emphasize the importance of prenatal exposure to environmental factors on child and mother health
  • to develop a greater awareness among health professionals about the relationship between children’s health and the environment; and
  • to initiate and direct future research in the field of children’s environmental health.

The scope of the conference will include but is not be limited to the following topics:

  • Global Challenges on Mother & Child Health
  • Planetary health
  • Environmental oncology
  • Climate Change and its impact to Health
  • Medical waste problems
  • Lessons learned (Experience of countries)

There are live presentations and possibilities for live-streaming presentations, pre-recorded presentations, and posters.

Open Program: program

Go to abstract submission form: Abstract submission.

Source of information: https://inchesnetwork.net/11th-international-conference-on-childrens-health-and-the-environment/

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