Sustainable agriculture and gender equality

WUAs water channels will be rehabilitated in the village of Kara-Zhigach in the Alamedin district of the Chui region which are irrigating 545 hectares of agricultural lands.

Rehabilitation work will be carried out by the Regional Environmental Center of Central Asia (CAREC) on a pilot basis uder finance supporting by international fond “Coca-Cola Foundation”

According to Asanova Minara, a resident of the village of Bek-Too, the head of the Association of Water Users, the internal channels used for irrigation of land were built in 1963 of the last century.

“The water channels provide water to two villages, namely 499 peasant plots. But since the channels have not been rehabilitated in recent years, most of them have been destroyed, overgrown with various shrubs and trees, which also destroy their condition. Due to the poor condition of the water channels, up to 60% of irrigation water is lost. For example, if we release 50 liters of water to a farmer at the  beginning of the water channel, he will receive only 10 liters due to various losses”

Local farmers have informed a sharp decline in yields in recent years due to the lack of irrigation water and drought in the Chui region. This is due to climate change, as well as the terrible condition of irrigation canals. To this day, every farmer uses the “ashar” method to clean and clog channels together with WUAs.

Kuban Matraimov, Director of the CAREC Branch in Kyrgyzstan, said that the project is aimed at improving the status of women in Central Asia and increasing economic independence through access to irrigation water and improving water management infrastructures.

“Water-saving methods help to save water and increase crop yields. To do this, we are implementing advanced water-saving technologies. For example, restoration and repair of canals, support for farmers in the transition to a drip irrigation system.”

Translation of the Anarkhan Altymyshova’s article

РЭЦЦА: ”Внутренние каналы в селе Кара-Жигач будут капитально отремонтированы»

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