A workshop on improving greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory reporting for countries in Central Asia, the Caucasus and Europe will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia from April 23-25, 2024. The objective of the workshop is to support national inventory teams from countries in meeting the transparency requirements set out in the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF) of the Paris Agreement.

The event, organized by CBIT-GSP in collaboration with UNEP-CCC, will provide practical knowledge and tools to improve the technical content of the National Inventory Report (NIR) and the Biennial Transparency Report (BTR). It will include informative webinars, practical exercises and discussions to facilitate knowledge sharing and cooperation among participating countries.

Technical specialists and sector focal points responsible for GHG inventory reporting are invited to participate. The workshop will be conducted in English and Russian with the possibility of translation.

This training workshop represents a significant step in strengthening the capacity of participating countries to participate effectively in global climate action.


Four different sequential phases are considered. First, an introductory webinar that basically defines the approach and provides instructions to the participants in the other parts of the training workshop (Phase I). Secondly, a phase dedicated to collecting information in each country. This information will be formalized into templates that will be provided by the organizers and will be useful for the exercises to be carried out in the face-to-face training (Phase II). The third stage (stage III), which consists of a face-to-face event where, through practical exercises and presentations, it will be possible to acquire knowledge and ideas for the successful compilation of a national inventory according to the ETF. And a final follow-up phase (Phase IV), aimed at providing feedback to participants on the exercises and results obtained by country representatives during the face-to-face training.

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