The website of the project Land Management, Environment & Solid-Waste: Inside Education and Business in Central Asia” (LESLIE), under the Erasmus+ Programme established by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) was launched today.

The primary objective of LESLIE is to equip Central Asian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) with the necessary tools and capacities to incorporate SLM into their educational programs. Over the next three years, the project will focus on designing and implementing a set of micro-credentials and digital educational tools tailored for BSc and MSc levels. These efforts will ensure that academic offerings meet the latest international standards and address the needs of regulators and industries.

Key Objectives of the LESLIE Project:

  1. Establish an International Hub on SLM in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, integrating universities, research centers, companies, industries, and stakeholders.
  2. Design and implement a comprehensive set of micro-credentials on Sustainable Land Management.
  3. Develop digital didactic tools to support SLM education at the BSc and MSc levels in Central Asian universities.
  4. Launch a Pilot Future Learning Incubator to apply innovative educational techniques and promote SLM to future university students by 2030.

The LESLIE project aligns with the European Commission’s Green Deal, supporting the external dimension of EU policies in education and promoting the digital transformation of HEIs in Central Asia. The project’s goals are structured into six work packages, ensuring a systematic approach to achieving its objectives through close collaboration with all partners.

For more information visit the project website:

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