Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC)

announces an open vacancy to the position of Individual International Consultant (Team Leader) for terminal evaluation of the CAMP4ASB project

Position: Individual International Consultant (Team Leader) for terminal evaluation of the CAMP4ASB project
Hiring organization:  The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC)
Location:  Almaty, Kazakhstan
Expected starting date:  May 01, 2024
Expected duration of assignment:  02 months
Application deadline:  April 26, 2024
  1. Background

Under World Bank-GCF- CAREC M&E policies and procedures, all regular and large-sized projects supported by the World Bank should undergo a final evaluation upon completion of implementation.

The Final Evaluation assesses the project’s relevance, performance, and success. It looks at signs of potential impact and sustainability of results, including contributing to capacity development and achieving global and national environmental goals. The Final Evaluation also identifies/documents lessons learned and makes recommendations that project partners and stakeholders might use to improve the design and implementation of other related projects and programs.

CAREC initiates this Final Evaluation following the rules and regulations of the World Bank for the “Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Program for Aral Sea Basin” program. It aims to provide managers (at the level of national coordination units (NCUs) in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and WB/GCF) with a comprehensive overall assessment of the project and a strategy for replicating the results. It also provides the basis for learning and accountability for managers and stakeholders.

 Many projects financed by the World Bank and the Green Environmental Fund under the International Development Association, considering the environmental and climate vertical funds, are designed to address the root causes of such zoonotic pandemics. The current crisis takes its root in a number of human-induced adverse impacts that are undermining the stability of critical ecosystems on which key economic sectors rest (e.g., deforestation, land use changes, expansion of agricultural land, climate change), all of which are compounded by the additional pressures of rising inequality amongst others. Thus, the project’s support is, and will continue to be, focused on prevention so that this kind of situation does not happen again and countries can ‘build back better.’

  1. Objectives of the assignment

The evaluation’s objective is to assess the achievement of the project objective, the affecting factors, the broader project impact, the contribution to the general goal/strategy, and the project partnership strategy.

 Specific tasks

The evaluation will focus on the following aspects:

  • Project design and its relevance
  • Performance
  • Management arrangements focused on project implementation:
    1. General implementation and management
    2. Financial accountability
    3. Monitoring and evaluation on the project level
  • The overall success

The key product expected from this final evaluation is a comprehensive analytical report in English. The Report of the Final Evaluation will be a standalone document that substantiates its recommendations and conclusions. The report must provide complete and convincing evidence to support its findings/ratings to the CARC and the World Bank. The report will include a table of planned vs. actual project financial disbursements.

  1. Expected experience and qualifications
  • A Master’s degree (PhD preferred) in natural resources management, economics, environmental studies or other closely related field;
  • 7 years of working experience in Environmental Economics, Agriculture, Sustainable Land Management, Organic Farming, and financial incentives; experience in gender-sensitive evaluation and analysis;
  • At least 5 years of experience in working with World Bank/UNDP/GCF evaluations;
  • Competence in adaptive management, as applied to land desertification protection;
  • Recent knowledge of the GCF and World Bank Monitoring and Evaluation Policy;
  • Recent knowledge of World Bank/GCF’s results-based management policies and procedures;
  • Recognized expertise in the Agricultural extension and sustainable land management and stakeholder involvement fields;
  • Familiarity with the agricultural sector, extension, legislation, policies, and management structures in CIS would be an asset;
  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken;
  • Computer literacy.
  1. Timeline and Reporting

The consultant is expected to devote a maximum of 35 working days over a period of 2 calendar months from May 01  – June 20, 2024. The assignment commences immediately after signing the contract.

The work results shall be approved by the CAREC Executive Director in coordination with the World Bank TTL manager through the CAMP4ASB program manager and Senior M&E Specialist.


  1. Detailed Terms of reference link

Interested candidates should send documents to not later than April 26, 2024.

The following documents in PDF are to be attached to the Offer:

  1. A duly drafted Offeror’s letter confirming interest and readiness for the assignment; Financial proposal, including the fixed total contract value, with a breakdown of costs following the CAREC template;
  2. Detailed CV, where previous work experience in similar projects should be included, as well as contact details (email and phone number) of the Offeror;
  3. Other documents certifying the work experience, expertise, and skills (qualification improvement certificates\diplomas, awards, etc.)

Scope of price proposal

This is a lump sum contract, paid upon completion and certification of deliverables. The interested candidate must submit his/her financial proposal in USD in a separate file (from other required documents to be submitted). The financial proposal should include all the expert’s expenses, including daily fees, travel expenses, and any other relevant expenses for the assignment.

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