In the near future, in the southwestern province of Afghanistan – Nimroz, the systematic completion of the construction of two grand irrigation canals – Tarko and Afzal-Kala, flowing from the Kamal-Khan dams, is coming to a conclusion. The progress in the construction of these canals, where 94% of the work has been finalized, promises positive changes in agricultural production and prosperity on this land, as reported by the information source Ariana News.

Spanning 264 kilometers, these canals are intended to irrigate fertile lands covering an area of 50 thousand hectares. Riazuddin Sharifi, a representative of the National Development Corporation (NDC), emphasized that this monumental endeavor will introduce significant transformations into the daily lives of Nimroz residents.

Nevertheless, despite the systematic progress, complaints about drought still persist among the inhabitants of Nimroz. They call for expediting the completion of the work, and their hopes and expectations encompass not only resolving the water scarcity issue but also embracing the emerging opportunities for improving agriculture. Some economic experts also underscore that sustaining the development of the agrarian sector in the country remains a priority, and the construction of such substantial water infrastructure projects can effectively contribute to increasing agricultural production and addressing unemployment.

Viewing this construction as a pivotal element in the process of development and support for enhancing the quality of life for the Afghan people, one can confidently forecast that the imminent completion of this project will provide a stimulus for development in the Nimroz region and will serve as a starting point for further economic advancement in the area.


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