Dubai – UAE – COP28 CA Pavilion – December 9 – the side event «Fostering Resilience: Enhancing Regional Cooperation in Central Asia’s Agricultural Sector to Combat Climate Change Impacts» discussed the growing climate challenges faced by Central Asian countries and collaborative efforts that enhance the agriculture sector’s resilience.

The event delved into various aspects of climate-resilient agriculture, including the adoption of sustainable farming practices, the use of climate-smart technologies, and community and stakeholder engagement.

Central Asian nations share common climate-related challenges and natural resources, making regional cooperation imperative. Regional cooperation allows for the pooling of expertise, resources, and knowledge, creating a more robust foundation for climate-resilient agriculture in Central Asia. By fostering resilience and promoting sustainable agricultural practices, Central Asian countries can secure their food systems, support rural communities, and contribute meaningfully to global climate change mitigation efforts.

The side event is organized by FAO.

Video recording –

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