In preparation for the transition to the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF), two countries in Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, have officially started developing a roadmap for the preparation of biennial transparency reports (BTRs). These reports, which are a prerequisite for the Paris Agreement’s Enhanced Transparency Framework, play a key role in providing transparent information on climate action by member countries.

Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan in the last days of January held kick-off meetings on BTR roadmap development projects implemented in cooperation with CBIT-GSP in . Participants were actively involved in defining the milestones of the roadmap, with a focus on stakeholder engagement and vetting.

The meetings were attended by representatives of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan, “Zhasyl Damu” JSC as the main body on greenhouse gas inventory, as well as at the event in Turkmenistan the National Coordinator of the NС/BUR and other stakeholders actively participated, laying the foundation for the development and approval of the roadmap.

These joint initiatives mark an important moment for the Central Asian region to take proactive steps towards climate transparency. The development of the roadmap will provide support in planning the necessary actions for the development of the BTR.

The roadmap was based on a document developed by PATPA – Biennial Transparency Report Guidance and Roadmap Tool

Under the Enhanced Transparency Framework, countries are required to submit a BTR every two years, with the first document due this year by December 31, 2024.

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