October 3, 2023, at 11:00, in the city of Almaty, at the Kazzhol Park Almaty hotel, at st. Nauryzbay Batyr 108, an Inception workshop will be held for the projects “Integrated watershed management in the Ishim River Basin in Kazakhstan” and “Creating opportunities and improving the status of women in rural regions of Central Asia in the light of climate change”

The Regional Environmental Center of Central Asia, with the financial support of the international charitable Foundation “The Coca-Cola Foundation” and the NGO “Global Water Challenge”, initiates one-year projects “Integrated watershed management in the Ishim River basin in Kazakhstan” and “Creating opportunities and improving the status of women in rural regions Central Asia in the light of climate change.”
The purpose of the Inception workshop is to present to participants the goals and objectives of projects funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation and the NGO Global Water Challenge. During the seminar, expected results, risks, key indicators and plans for the implementation of project components will be presented and discussed.

The Inception workshop will also cover issues related to monitoring and evaluation of projects at all stages of their implementation. Participants will become familiar with tools and techniques for assessing project effectiveness, as well as the processes of collecting and analyzing data to make the most effective decisions. This will not only ensure transparency and clear reporting on the results achieved, but will also ensure prompt resolution of problems, which is a necessary condition for the successful implementation of projects and the achievement of set goals.

In addition, the seminar will focus on the importance of active participation of all stakeholders in the project implementation process. In particular, the role of civil society, local communities, business and other partners in ensuring the successful implementation of the project will be discussed with the aim of building trust and partnership between all participants, which in turn will contribute to the achievement of sustainable results and positive changes in the field of water resources management in the region.

The Inception workshop will discuss the basic principles of coordination and interaction between country and regional levels. Workshop participants are expected to explore the synergies and value creation that can be achieved by participating countries working together, which will help create a more effective and sustainable framework for addressing common challenges in water management and environmental sustainability.

It is expected that the Inception workshop will form a common understanding of the concept of the projects and the mechanism for their implementation, as well as strengthen the commitment to friendly and good neighborly relations within the framework of multilateral cooperation together with the national CAREC offices in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, under the leadership of the head office of the Regional Environmental Center of Central Asia (CAREC). ).

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