Kazakhstan’s development and overcoming the challenges facing Central Asia are becoming increasingly relevant in the context of the changing world order. One of the key aspects requiring attention and joint efforts is the problem of water scarcity. In light of this, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Murat Nurtleu addressed the Asian Security and Cooperation Forum with a proposal to establish a regional water and energy consortium.

Over the past decades, population growth and climate change have led to increased competition for water resources in Central Asia. Water surplus or deficit is becoming a problem for the countries of the region, which strive to ensure sustainable development and well-being of their citizens. Kazakhstan, as one of the Central Asian countries, is actively seeking solutions to this problem and has proposed the formation of a regional hydropower consortium.

The purpose of the Consortium is to ensure equitable and rational distribution of water resources across the region, which will help to overcome water shortages and prevent possible conflicts in the future. At the same time, Kazakhstan is actively involved in the restoration of the Aral Sea, efforts which are being carried out jointly with partners from Central Asia through the establishment of international foundations.

Importantly, this initiative involves close cooperation with other countries such as Russia, China, and Afghanistan to find joint solutions to transboundary river problems. Kazakhstan seeks to support the establishment of peace and stability in Afghanistan, realizing that security in Central Asia is closely linked to the situation in that country.

It is proposed to create a UN Hub for sustainable development of Central Asia and Afghanistan in Almaty, which will allow coordinated actions and achieve peace on the territory of Afghanistan and, as a result, contribute to the stability and prosperity of the entire region.

The Asian Forum on Security and Cooperation “Asia in a Changing World: Agenda for the Future” became a platform for discussing these and other important issues affecting the future of the region. The participation of more than 60 specialists from Asian countries demonstrates the need to share experiences and cooperate in addressing global challenges.

Thus, Kazakhstan continues active work on ensuring the sustainable development of Central Asia and solving urgent problems related to water resources. The establishment of a regional water and energy consortium, joint work with partners, and support for peace in Afghanistan are becoming important steps in building a stable and prosperous future for the entire region.


“I would like to highlight a few specific issues that require close attention for the future development of Central Asia. These are water scarcity, the environment, the border dispute, and the situation in Afghanistan. The equitable and rational distribution of water resources has become a serious problem in times of population growth and water scarcity. For this reason, Kazakhstan is proposing the establishment of a regional hydropower consortium. At the same time, our country is engaged in the restoration of the Aral Sea through the International Funds, which we established together with our partners in Central Asia in the early 1990s,” the minister said.

Source: https://kisi.kz/ru/chentralno-aziatskij-forum-obsudili-kljuchevye-tochki-vzaimodejstviya-mozgovyh-chentrov-v-obespechenii-bezopasnosti-i-razvitiya-sotrudnichestva-v-azii/

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Source: http://www.eecca-water.net/content/view/33696/51/lang,russian/

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