At the International Forum on Water Technologies and Resources, Nurlan Nurzhigitov, the Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation of Kazakhstan, presented the key aspects of the country’s new Water Code.

“Drawing inspiration from advanced global practices, particularly Germany’s experience, our ministry has updated the Water Code. In the revised document submitted to the Parliament’s Majilis, priority is given to the protection of water from depletion, pollution, and contamination. The resource itself is no longer solely regarded as a source of economic benefit,” stated Nurlan Nurzhigitov.

The project addresses safety concerns in hydraulic engineering, irrigation, drainage, as well as in drinking water and water supply, allocating them to separate relevant sections. One of the key aspects of the new code is the emphasis on water conservation. Accordingly, water users are obligated to use water resources rationally, implement water-saving technologies and water reuse systems, and prevent the unauthorized use of drinking underground sources.

Legal responsibility for violations in the water sector is tightened, requirements for improving the quality of drinking water are introduced, and the chapter dedicated to water supply and wastewater disposal in populated areas is significantly expanded. Special attention is given to adapting the country’s water industry to climate change. Another significant step is the increased public control in the field of protection and utilization of water resources.

The Minister highlighted the introduction of new safety measures for hydraulic structures, defined the responsibility of enterprises for their operation and inspections. An annual publication of the National Information Report is planned, providing information on the state, protection, and use of water in the country for the previous calendar year.



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