Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) has the honor to inform you that the Meeting of Central Asian countries after the 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, “Central Asia at Climate Change Negotiations: COP28 Outcomes and Plans for COP29”, will be held on February 10, 2024, in Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan.

The goals of the Meeting are to summarize and celebrate the achievements of the Central Asian countries from participating on the UNFCCC COP28 in December 2023 in Dubai, UAE, as well as to intensify regional cooperation on climate change issues in the countries of Central Asia and coordinate work in the Central Asian region in the implementation of the roadmap to the UNFCCC COP29.

It is expected that the Meeting will be attended by heads of government agencies of Central Asian countries responsible for climate change issues, national UNFCCC Focal Points from Central Asian countries, representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Central Asian countries, activists from non-governmental, academic, scientific, youth and other organizations, involved in climate change issues in the region, as well as partners and representatives of international organizations.

With this, CAREC invites you to participate in this event.

Please use the link below to register in advance to participate in the Meeting online:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email.

We look very much forward to welcoming you at our event.

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