The Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nurzhan Nurzhigitov, held a meeting with representatives of the International Financial Corporation (IFC) in Kazakhstan to explore prospects for future collaboration. During the meeting, the focus was on discussions related to attracting foreign investment into Kazakhstan’s water sector.

IFC, specializing in consultations aimed at bringing private capital to joint projects with governments worldwide, presented an overview of its activities. As of the meeting, the Corporation has successfully implemented approximately 500 projects in 120 countries.

Expressing interest in attracting investors with expertise in groundwater research, Minister Nurzhan Nurzhigitov proposed exploring opportunities for collaboration in the construction of new reservoirs and irrigation systems.

IFC representatives emphasized that, in addition to consultation on investor attraction, the Corporation provides support in strategic planning matters. Following the introductory meeting, it was agreed to proceed with further discussions involving water resource specialists.

Minister Nurzhan Nurzhigitov highlighted, “Our perspectives align on many aspects. It is crucial not only to efficiently implement projects but also to ensure their long-term sustainability. Attracting investors with significant experience in the water resources sector could greatly accelerate the reconstruction and modernization of hydraulic structures and other key infrastructure.”



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