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In order to ensure stable and guaranteed water supply for households, as well as for all sectors of the economy, large-scale efforts are underway in our country to develop irrigation system, improve  water management infrastructure and quality of irrigated lands, as well as the efficient and rational use of land and water resources.

At the same time, due to global climate change, continuing growth of the population and increasing demand for water, the shortage of water resources is aggravated from year to year, which may become the main hindering factor for the country's development in the future.

At the same time, absence of a long-term concept for the development of water management sector impedes the efficient use of water resources, widescale channeling of investments in this sector, promoting R&D and innovative potential in water sector, implementation of R&D products know-how, and broad utilization of modern information and communication technologies and innovative solutions.

Based on this, in order to ensure water and food security of the country by organizing effective water resources management and their rational use in the medium- and long-run, reforming the water sector and introducing market principles and mechanisms, information and communication technologies, as well as efficient use R&D potential in the sector.

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