Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Olzhas Bektenov, chaired the 14th session of the dialogue platform “Kazakhstan-EU,” focusing on cooperation in water resource management and agricultural development. Participants included heads of diplomatic missions from EU member states and top executives of European companies, expressing readiness for collaboration and knowledge exchange. Discussions highlighted the importance of joint efforts in developing strategies for water resource management, particularly amidst Kazakhstan’s ongoing complex flood situation.

Key discussion topics included reducing water losses during transportation, improving monitoring of irrigated lands, and modernizing hydraulic structures. Prime Minister Bektenov underscored the significance of implementing advanced European practices and technologies to ensure sustainable development in this domain. Additionally, innovative approaches to agriculture, including new irrigation methods and wastewater treatment technologies, were deliberated. Participants expressed interest in joint projects in agriculture and agro-processing to enhance food export to the EU market.

“The water issue is a priority in our cooperation with Central Asia. Like other natural resources, water should have its value to be used efficiently. This will incentivize the adoption of more effective technologies, and many European companies are ready to work in this direction,” stated Kestutis Jankauskas, reaffirming readiness to transfer knowledge and technologies in sustainable water basin management.

Prime Minister Bektenov emphasized the importance of collaboration with the EU for the development of the agro-industrial complex and rational utilization of water resources. He expressed the Kazakh government’s readiness to create a conducive environment for investments and business in this field.






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