This article highlights the important connection between environmental security and national security, emphasizing the urgency of ensuring the safety of both the environment and human well-being from potential harm caused by human activities.
The article highlights the global call to action through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to improve well-being and protect the planet. The study identifies the key elements of sustainable development – economic growth, social protection, environmental safety, spiritual and moral revival, institutional reforms and legal frameworks – as interrelated and complementary. It addresses the green economy, social
protection measures and integrated environmental security policies, including legislative, managerial, technical and biological aspects.
The article analyzes and systematizes various levels of environmental threats and their effective management. The role of institutions, legal frameworks, international cooperation and strategic priorities for ensuring the environmental safety of Uzbekistan is highlighted. In conclusion, the need for an integrated approach to the problem of ensuring a sustainable environment for future generations is emphasized.

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