The USAID Regional Water and Environment Project (WAVE Project) promotes technical capacity and regional cooperation on water resource management in Central Asia to enhance stability, economic prosperity, and ecosystem resilience.

In this regard, the WAVE Project is holding a competition among young researchers and scientists from Central Asian countries in order to increase their interest in the development and implementation of research focusing on IWRM issues and promoting the WEFE nexus approach. As part of the second cycle of the competition, 12 winners were selected, whose primary and preliminary research results will be presented at this round table.

The main purpose of the round table: presentation of case studies of the winners of the competition for young scientists in Central Asia; obtaining expert opinions and proposals, as well as discussing the possibilities of publishing research data.

As part of the second session of this event (Research on innovative approaches, methods and technologies for the rational use of water resources), thematic cases from specialists from Central Asia were reviewed. Three nominees from Turkmenistan took part: Nasiba Charykulyeva, Kasym Dzhumaev and Georgy Kurtovezov. Ms. Charykulyeva presented her case “Efficient water supply in arid climates: the use of drip irrigation injectors based on nanomaterials” based on the practices applied in her experience at the Technology Center of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan. Dzhumaev Kasym made a presentation “Innovative cultivator for soil cultivation and application of liquid fertilizers,” in which he spoke about his developments and work done together with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Turkmenistan.

During the event, discussions were held to promote the WEFE NEXUS approach and participants from Central Asia shared their experiences and accepted all comments from experts.

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