Unbearably hot summers up to +45, freezing winters up to -40, dust storms carrying toxic salts and chemicals. Pastures replaced by vast deserts, fishing villages – by ailing households struggling to survive

Sounds like apocalyptic fiction? This has been the reality in the Aral Sea region. But YOU can contribute to turning this around and transforming the Aral Sea into Sea of opportunities. We need your help and invite you to become a landscape restoration GUARDIAN of the Aral Sea region.

The World Bank is launching the “Disruptive technology and innovation challenge for landscape restoration in the Aral Sea region (Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan)“. This challenge will introduce and develop innovative approaches and technologies for landscape restoration in degraded landscapes in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan along the Aral Sea watershed.

Four challenge winners will each receive up to 50,000 US dollars to implement their business plans.

More details: http://ca-climate.org/eng/news/katastrofa-v-aralskom-more-ishchem-spasateley-novatorov/

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