The OSCE Secretariat is proud to present this report, “The Effects of the Crisis in Afghanistan on Central Asia’s Energy Sector: A Risk Assessment,” a comprehensive analysis of the implications of Afghanistan’s regime change for Central Asia’s energy sector and regional energy co-operation. The report is based on a study carried out within the framework of the OSCE project “Strengthening Energy Sector Co-operation and Analysis in Central Asia in the Context of Afghanistan’s Energy Crisis.”

OSCE project management: Giulia Manconi, Emomali Mirzoev Text and research: Ivo Walinga, Farkhod Aminjonov Production management, layout, maps, graphics, and editing: Fatima Akbari, Carolyne Daniel, Geoff Hughes, Aleksandra Povarich, Dina Adylova, Matthias Beilstein and Viktor Novikov, Zoï Environment Network. We are grateful to Zarina Akhmatova, Iskander Akylbayev, Gulnara Begjanova, Andrea Chiovenda, Bahtiyor Eschanov, Elham Gharji, Farruh Hakimov, Selbi Hanova, Ozod Ismailov, Ahmad Jalil, Melissa Karr Chiovenda, Daniyar Kosnazarov, Dinara Nurusheva, Zafar Ruziev, Rafael Sattarov, Li-Chen Sim, Akram Umarov, Temur Umarov, Roman Vakulchuk, and Alexey Yusupov for their invaluable insights.

We would like to extend our gratitude to colleagues from the OSCE regional field operations who contributed to this report and project.

We would also like to thank the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources of Tajikistan, the Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan, the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan, the National Electric Grid of Uzbekistan, and all other participants of the regional workshop organized by the OSCE in June 2023 in Ashgabat for their contributions to this report. Finally, we express our gratitude to Germany and Sweden for their financial support toward this project.

Disclaimer The views, findings, interpretations and conclusions expressed in the publication are those of the authors and contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views or any official position of the OSCE decision-making bodies and its participating States. The designations employed and the choice and presentation of material in this publication do not constitute or imply the expression of any opinion on the part of the OSCE concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city, or area, of any authority therein, or concerning the delineation of any frontiers and/or boundaries. The OSCE does not accept any liability for any damage or loss which may arise out of the reliance on information contained in this publication.

© OSCE 2024 Cover page photo: Residential area with power lines, Afghanistan © Farkhod Aminjonov

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