The final of the Republican Festival of Environmental Ideas and Projects, within the framework of the National Social Eco-Campaign “TURAQTY JOL,” took place in Almaty on August 23, 2023. The top 10 teams that successfully passed the selection and online training presented a wide range of environmental initiatives that attracted the attention of both the jury and event guests.

The main goal of the festival, organized by the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs in collaboration with the Association of Business Women with the support of the Akimat of Almaty, is to identify the best innovative eco-projects and startups among youth aged 16 to 35. These projects are aimed at subsequent financing and implementation throughout the territory of Kazakhstan.

Out of more than 300 applications, 10 teams were selected for online training with the participation of experts. These finalists presented their projects in the concluding part of the event, competing for a prize fund of 10 million tenge.

In the final stage of the festival, the project SMART TRASH BIN was presented. The main goal of this initiative is to improve the environmental situation through the implementation of an innovative waste sorting system based on artificial intelligence.

A project called SHABYT, which took second place, sparked special interest. The idea is aimed at developing advanced technologies to effectively combat fires and minimize their destructive consequences, with a key element being the AIDAHAR robot with artificial intelligence and a flexible modular design. This robot interacts with firefighters to efficiently extinguish focal points and prevent the spread of fire.

The project WECUBE, thanks to its unique concept of a modular wind turbine, rightfully took first place and received a grant of 5 million tenge. The WEСUBE project aims to create a universal and convenient method of integrating alternative energy into urban infrastructure. The main goal is to develop a device that can be installed without special engineering skills, making the process accessible to a wide audience of users and enabling the consumption of alternative energy.

Team captain Karіm Diasali noted that thanks to the support of the UNESCO Clubs Federation and interested companies, “TURAQTY JOL” has provided the youth of Kazakhstan with the opportunity to believe that active participation and a broad perspective can initiate changes in the world today.

Based on the successful experience of previous years, the organizers are confident in the ability of this project to make a real contribution to achieving the United Nations’ global Sustainable Development Goals. It also supports various categories of the Kazakhstani population, from children and youth to entrepreneurs.

Bank CenterCredit became the main partner of the program. The event also received support from the company “Kumkol Trans Service” and the news agency TengriNews.


Information note:

The “TURAQTY JOL” program is aimed at instilling in the younger generation a sense of care for the native land by transmitting cultural, moral, and ecological values. This initiative represents the fourth cycle and logical development of previously successful programs.

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