The President approved the Uzbekistan-2030 Strategy. Its goals include creating opportunities for all citizens to develop their potential, raising a healthy and educated generation, creating a strong economy and guaranteeing justice, the rule of law and security.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, by decree of September 11, approved the Uzbekistan-2030 Strategy. The document states that it was developed “based on the experience acquired during the implementation of the Development Strategy of New Uzbekistan and the results of public discussion.” wrote about the draft document.

The decree notes that “in the updated constitutional and legal conditions (the new version of the Constitution was approved at a referendum on April 30, and presidential elections were held on July 9 – ed. ), it is necessary to improve the main directions of the country’s development and bring the ongoing large-scale reforms to a new stage.”

The “Uzbekistan-2030” strategy, noted in the decree, reflects the following main ideas:

  • joining the ranks of upper-middle-income countries through sustainable economic development;
  • creation of an education, medicine and social protection system that fully meets the needs of the people and international standards;
  • creation of favorable environmental conditions for the population;
  • building a just and modern state serving the people;
  • guaranteed provision of sovereignty and security of the country.

The strategy covers five priority areas:

  • creating decent conditions for realizing the potential of every person;
  • ensuring the well-being of the population through sustainable economic growth;
  • saving water resources and protecting the environment;
  • ensuring the rule of law, organizing public administration focused on serving the people;
  • consistent continuation of a policy based on the principle of a “safe and peaceful state.”

The implementation of the strategy and the achievement of its target indicators have been declared a priority task for all government bodies and organizations in the country.


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