At a recent meeting in Tashkent, the energy ministers of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan approved a plan to develop a project to export “green energy” to Europe, UzA reports.

As part of this event, a presentation of the Green Corridor project was presented. The parties drew attention to the approval of technical conditions for the preliminary feasibility study of the project, including the export of green energy from the region to Europe by combining the energy sectors of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. In addition, the possibilities of attracting international consultants to study the technical and economic basis of the project and develop an interstate agreement were considered.

According to the Deputy Minister of Energy of Uzbekistan, Umid Mamadaminov, the project provides for the creation of infrastructure for the sale to Europe of electricity produced using solar and wind energy in the regions of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Uzbekistan has significant opportunities for the production of alternative energy, especially in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Khorezm and Bukhara regions.

It is planned to create infrastructure using the latest technologies. At the moment, technical conditions for the implementation of the project have already been developed, which in the future will become the basis of the infrastructure connecting Central Asia and Europe. During the event, representatives of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan also discussed the issue of exporting electricity to Georgia and Europe through the Caspian Sea.

A joint working group formed this month intends to begin practical measures. Work will begin on a draft intergovernmental agreement that includes all aspects of the project, including commercial, financial and other obligations of the parties, as well as issues related to infrastructure development.

V. Novikov

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