Turkmenistan is implementing national projects that include measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, efforts are being made to increase fuel efficiency in power plants by modernizing fossil fuel combustion systems, increasing the share of natural gas and renewable energy sources (RES) in the fuel and energy mix, improving energy efficiency in the utility sector, modernizing heating systems in industry, and implementation of projects related to the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in areas such as reforestation and forest planting.

Director of the Aarhus Center of Turkmenistan, candidate of legal sciences Yolbars Kepbanov talks about this on the pages of the newspaper “Neutral Turkmenistan”.

As a party to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Climate Agreement, Turkmenistan joined the Global Methane Commitment, which was another effective step in this direction. Thus, the country has committed itself to implementing policies and measures aimed at reducing anthropogenic pressure on the climate system.

Turkmenistan’s accession to the Global Methane Commitment is primarily due to the fact that the country is one of the leading producers of natural gas in the world. By the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan dated June 2, 2023, an Interdepartmental Commission to Reduce Methane Emissions was created and its composition was approved, which included representatives of the main sectors of the economy associated with greenhouse gas emissions. The Commission is charged with facilitating the implementation of international methane agreements and improving coordination among all stakeholders to reduce methane emissions. In this regard, it is necessary to identify specific measures to reduce emissions of methane and other greenhouse gases, including them in a specific action plan.

Source  https://turkmenportal.com/en/blog/72631/turkmenistan-idet-po-puti-sokrashcheniya-vybrosov-parnikovyh-gazov

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