UN Development Programme’s new initiative: Climate Promise 2025. This ambitious endeavor is designed to bolster developing nations as they gear up to enhance their climate action plans within the framework of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Set against the backdrop of the upcoming round of nationally determined contributions (NDCs) due in 2025, Climate Promise 2025 stands as UNDP’s flagship initiative, committed to ensuring that countries have the support they need to elevate the ambition of their climate pledges.

With a focus on aligning the next generation of NDCs with the imperative goals of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C and bolstering resilience against climate impacts, Climate Promise 2025 marks the dawn of a renewed global effort on climate action. This initiative aims to transform national climate plans into robust investment strategies, intricately intertwined with broader national development agendas.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres, speaking at the launch event, emphasized the transformative potential of well-crafted climate plans, envisioning them as catalysts for sustainable development. He underscored the urgent need to heed scientific recommendations by slashing global greenhouse gas emissions, curbing deforestation, and accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources.

Against the backdrop of the recent UN Climate Change Conference (COP 28) in the UAE, Guterres called upon nations to craft NDCs in alignment with the 1.5°C temperature limit, tailored to their unique circumstances and covering all greenhouse gases and economic sectors comprehensively.

Looking ahead, Guterres urged the G20 nations to take the lead on climate action by submitting robust, comprehensive NDCs well in advance of COP 30 in 2025. This call to action includes commitments to hasten the phase-out of fossil fuels, provide market predictability through clear policies, and ramp up support for developing countries in finance and technology.

Administered by the UNDP, Climate Promise 2025 holds the promise of ushering in a net-zero, resilient, and inclusive future. With the aim of assisting countries worldwide in developing and delivering ambitious pledges under the Paris Agreement, this initiative sets the stage for bold strides towards a sustainable tomorrow.

Having previously supported 128 developing nations in enhancing the quality and ambition of their NDCs, Climate Promise 2025 builds upon past successes to propel nations towards achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement.

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