On March 13, 2024, in Tashkent, an agreement was signed between Uzbekhydroenergo and Masdar, the UAE-based company, to conduct assessments on multiple hydroelectric projects in Uzbekistan. This collaboration aims to support the country’s strategy in renewable energy and address issues related to energy supply interruptions.

The plan involves exploring the feasibility of constructing pumped hydroelectric storage facilities across the country, facilitating a quicker integration of solar and wind energy through stable energy storage solutions.

This marks Masdar’s inaugural venture into the hydroelectric sector, despite the company’s prior experience in other renewable energy fields. Estimates suggest that by 2030, the capacity of pumped hydroelectric stations could reach 240 GW.

Masdar has already executed solar and wind energy projects in Uzbekistan, and this agreement underscores their commitment to the country. The Deputy Chairman of Uzbekhydroenergo expressed optimism about the development of hydroenergy sector through this collaboration.

The CEO of Masdar emphasized the significance of this initiative for Uzbekistan in achieving its climate objectives and establishing a sustainable energy infrastructure.

Overall, this agreement reflects Uzbekistan’s dedication to advancing clean and renewable energy, which will help meet the country’s growing energy demands and achieve its goals by 2030.



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