In Uzbekistan, there are plans to establish a specialized educational institution to train personnel in the field of drinking water supply and sanitation. Representatives of Uzbekistan’s Uzsuvtaminot, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the French Development Agency (AFD), the Islamic Development Bank, the German Development Bank (KfW), as well as Korean experts from the K-Water Academy (Seoul) attended a meeting at the World Bank office in Tashkent. They discussed further steps in developing a training system for specialists in drinking water supply and sanitation.

A possible model for the future Water Academy was presented, which will train personnel for Uzsuvtaminot, providing modern, sustainable, and stable services throughout the country.

In 2021, Uzsuvtaminot requested support from the World Bank in developing a strategy for the professional development of specialists in drinking water supply and sanitation in Uzbekistan, based on global experience.

One of the proposed ideas was to establish a Water Academy in Tashkent with the participation of experts from the Republic of Korea.

This initiative is being implemented within the framework of the Korean Green Growth Trust Fund, which is a partnership between the World Bank Group and the Republic of Korea. The Fund was established in 2011 to assist World Bank member countries in developing a “green” economy.



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