Transforming Water Resources with Youth: New Horizons and Opportunities!

Modern society realizes that water is not only a vital resource, but also a key area that requires immediate and comprehensive solutions. Today, many of us face challenges related to water supply, sanitation and hygiene that directly affect the quality of our lives and the integrity of communities. However, despite the challenges, the prospects for change and the active involvement of youth in these important issues are dawning; their enthusiasm, creativity and drive for innovation can be the determining factors in developing new approaches to water. By actively interacting with youth and involving them in dialog and project implementation, new horizons in water resources management can be achieved.

Youth Water Challenge 2023: Youth take the challenge!

Swiss Water Partnership Youth is pleased to present the Youth Water Challenge 2023 – a platform that invites young experts, professionals and enthusiasts to join forces to tackle WASH challenges. We provide not only funding but also mentoring to turn your ideas into reality!

This competition is an open door for anyone who cares about the future water landscape. Young leaders, water enthusiasts and practitioners – you can all make a difference with us. Submit your project proposals by August 13 and get a chance to not only realize your ideas, but also get support from experts from partner organizations.

Participation is simple:

Step 1: Become a member of SWP Youth! Register here if you are under 31 years old and are not already a member of SWP Youth.

Step 2 (optional): Apply here by June 18 and join a co-creation workshop. Do you have ideas for solving water issues in your community? Do you want to contribute to solving global water issues with youth from different countries? Join us for a co-creation workshop where you can share your ideas and network with like-minded people.

Step 3: Form a team and develop your project proposal. After the co-creation workshop, you will have 6 weeks to create a concrete proposal to solve a specific water problem together with your team. We will support you on this journey by guiding you through the design thinking process and providing guidance.

Step 4: Submit your proposal by August 13 for a chance to win up to CHF 2,000 to implement your idea, sponsored by Eawag, EBP and Photrak. Each winner will also receive a mentor from a Swiss Water Partnership member organization to support them during project implementation.

Impact of our choice: Stockholm Junior Water Prize

What’s more, we have the chance to influence the future today. The Stockholm Junior Water Prize is a unique opportunity for young people to present innovations that can change the world of water. Your voice matters: choose projects that inspire you and support young scientists making a difference in the water sector.

So we invite you to join this exciting journey where solutions and perspectives merge to transform water challenges into water perspectives.

Stockholm Junior Water Prize is an international competition where young students between 15 and 20 years old present their solutions to water challenges. Organized over 25 years ago, this competition has become a platform for talented young minds whose innovations have changed the world. From 2020, we invite you to vote for the most inspiring project.

Your vote is a step towards change, towards making a difference in the water sector.


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