Date: January 4, 2016
Countries: Global
Keywords: water resources, governance, regulation

The objective of  MOOC is to understand the issues surrounding water resource governance. The course will firstly define “What is a resource?” and more particularly water resources, their uses, their related activities, as well as possible conflicts. The course will then focus more in detail on water governance, analyzing the types of rules and rights at stake around water governance, such as the development of a multi-sector regulation and a watershed-based approach.

This MOOC on Water Resources Management and Policy allows the participants (students, individuals interested in this topic, professionals, policy-makers, etc.) to have new competencies to understand the political, institutional, and regulatory issues of water governance.

The length of this course is about five weeks, during which video lessons, evaluation exercises, and interaction tools to exchange with the experts and other students will be provided. At the end of the course, students who completed successfully all the modules will receive a Statement of Accomplishment.

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