The President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov called for joining efforts to find ways to preserve glaciers and cooperate in protecting the zone of formation of water resources, speaking on November 10 at the High-Level Segment of the “One Planet Summit” in Paris.

According to the presidential press service, Japarov noted that global climate change is becoming an increasingly serious threat to humanity every year. Of particular concern is the negative impact of climate change on the cryosphere.

In this context, Sadyr Japarov said that today’s Summit is a significant event when leaders and experts from around the world gathered to discuss the consequences of climate change on the cryosphere and take joint actions to reduce and adapt to the ongoing changes on our planet.

“Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country with harsh climatic conditions favorable for the formation of glaciation; mountains cover 94% of the country’s area. Today in Kyrgyzstan there are about 10 thousand glaciers with a total area of ​​about 7 thousand square kilometers. At the same time, over the 70-year period, the area of ​​glaciation in Kyrgyzstan decreased by 16%. By the end of the century, we may lose more than 80% of glaciers, and their number, due to the destruction of large ones into separate parts, has increased by 22%.

Our glaciers are an important source of fresh water not only for our country, but also for the entire Central Asian region, especially during periods of drought. Their melting directly affects the life and activities of the population of the entire region. It is important to understand that climate changes in mountainous conditions have altitudinal characteristics. The Kyrgyz Republic does not remain inactive in the face of these challenges,” said Sadyr Japarov.

He emphasized that Kyrgyzstan is actively implementing measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and develop renewable energy sources. Work is underway to reduce anthropogenic impact on water resources, improving water supply systems and ensuring access to clean water for the country’s population. An important part of our strategy is the creation of national parks and reserves to protect vulnerable ecosystems and preserve our glaciers.

“We are also investing in scientific research and collaborating with international organizations to develop effective climate change adaptation strategies. This year, we also put forward an initiative to restructure government external debt, including using the mechanism of exchanging it for projects in the field of green economy.

Options could include mechanisms for partial write-off, converting debt into a grant in exchange for “green” programs and projects for development in our country,” the president noted.

In his speech, the head of state highlighted a number of international environmental initiatives and actions of Kyrgyzstan. In particular: joining the “Group of Friends of the Cryosphere” initiative, holding international forums on the conservation of the snow leopard and its ecosystems, creating an informal “Group of Friends of Mountain Countries” at the UN, adopting resolutions of the UN General Assembly on issues of sustainable mountain development and biodiversity conservation.

Addressing the event participants, the President expressed full support for the political declaration being adopted today. This initiative is important for raising awareness of the problem of melting glaciers and mobilizing the efforts of the international community to study it and develop new joint practical solutions.

“I propose to combine our efforts to find ways to preserve glaciers and cooperate in protecting the zone where water resources are formed. I believe it is necessary to revise and significantly increase the level of funding that meets the real needs of countries vulnerable to climate change.

I am convinced that only through the temporary response of the international community and joint systematic actions will we be able to successfully overcome this global challenge facing us today,” concluded President Sadyr Japarov.

Photo: AKIpress news agency

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