The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC)

announces a vacancy for the following position:


Name of position: Individual Consultant (IC) on awareness raising support to the Central Asian countries for the UNFCCC COP28 preparation
Hiring organization:  The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC)
Location of hiring organization  Almaty, Kazakhstan
Duty station:  Remotely
Expected start date:  November 24, 2023
Expected duration of assignment:  2,5 months
Application deadline:  November 23, 2023



Country: Central Asia
Project Name: Strengthening coordination and positioning of Central Asia in global climate processes
Funding sources: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH



The main objective of this assignment is to conduct regular analysis and synthesis of relevant events, interventions/statements/speeches, decisions, agreements, processes, negotiation outcomes, results, and emerging opportunities prior to and during the COP28 to produce weekly pre-COP28 digests, situational analysis (analytical summary) of each day at the COP28, and post COP-28 summary report.





The IC will work under direct supervision of the CAREC Climate Change Specialist and with close cooperation with relevant UNFCCC Secretariat bodies and national communication specialists to accomplish the following scope of work:


  • Pre-COP28
    • Conduct analysis of
      • global processes, policies, climate financing arrangements, negotiations, relevant priorities, and agreements that have implications for different stakeholders of Central Asian countries (governments, municipalities, businesses, civil society, local communities);
      • post-COP27 agreements and emerging pre-COP28 priorities and trends that could help Central Asian national delegates prepare better for COP28;
      • existing and forecasted challenges faced by Central Asian countries due to climate change, NDC commitments, institutional and regulatory arrangements for climate goals;
    • Use results of analysis above to produce a set of online articles, blog posts, and/or expert interviews for wide circulation on social media before COP28 to attract attention of relevant stakeholders to Central Asia, its plans with participation at the COP28 and contribution to implementation of the Paris Agreement;


  • On-site
    • Conduct daily analysis and synthesis of relevant events, interventions / statements / speeches, decisions, agreements, processes, negotiation outcomes, results, and emerging opportunities at the COP28 to produce situational analysis (analytical summary) of each day at the COP28;
      • The situation analysis should be issued on a daily basis, in the evening of each day, so that every morning they are printed out, highlighting relevant news and achievements from the previous day;
      • Daily situational analysis should include consultant’s perspectives on thematic areas in negotiation process that are significant for the Central Asian countries;
      • Daily analysis should include overview of significant Central Asian country interventions at the COP28 and participation of Central Asian country delegations in various sessions and events;
      • Daily analysis should include information about all additional events (in the form of side-events, exhibitions, pavilions, etc.) that are held at the COP28 and have thematic or other relevance to Central Asian region, countries.
    • Further, use results of analysis and produce news contents, substantive inputs for production of information bulletins, as well as thematic or country-specific writeups / articles / blog posts for online dissemination;


  • Post-COP28
    • Develop detailed descriptive report (final report) on COP28 results and way forward
      • The report synthesizes key information from daily situational reports, highlights major events, interventions / statements / speeches, decisions, agreements, processes, negotiation outcomes, results, and emerging opportunities;
      • The report provides perspectives and recommendations of the consultant on lessons learned, what should be done in preparations for COP29 and during COP29.
      • Presentation about the achieved results in the post-COP28 event.




  • University degree in journalism, social sciences, or related fields and at least 5 years of relevant experience in public relations or communication and outreach activities targeting a range of stakeholders (e.g., government agencies, development partners, academia, civil society) on climate change and environment management issues.
  • Experience working on communication and outreach in Central Asian countries.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Russian.
  • Demonstration of enthusiasm for, and commitment, to sustainable development and environmental management.
  • Evidence of strong analytical skills, and problem identification and solving.


Link to the detailed Terms of reference


The CV, Brief motivation letter and Copy of Diploma must be submitted not later than November 23, 2023, to Mr. Sanzhar Mustafin, at e-mail:


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