Summary : The NDC partnership meeting in Kazakhstan discussed measures to achieve the NDC goals and the need to update this country document 1 2 .

On February 27 of this year, the NDC Partnership Coordination Meeting was held at the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the support of the NDC Partnership.

At this meeting, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan provided a summary of the measures being taken to achieve the goals of the current NDC (Determined National Contribution) and expressed the need for the development of an updated NDC .

Representatives of government agencies, including the Ministry of Energy, Agriculture, Industry and Construction of the Republic of Kazakhstan, reviewed sectoral priorities within the NDC , taking into account the climate agenda. Representatives of domestic and international organizations also actively participated in the meeting and spoke about current and planned climate projects.

Vice-Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources M. Oshurbaev emphasized that this document is not only a document of the Ministry of Ecology, but also, first of all, a country document . In this regard, he called on all interested parties to cooperate. Following the meeting, representatives of the NDC Partnership will consider the needs in sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan, which will be implemented in the development of the subsequent NDC 1  .

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