“People everywhere rely on wildlife and biodiversity-based resources to meet our needs – from food, to fuel, medicines, housing, and clothing. For us to enjoy the benefits and the beauty that nature brings us and our planet, people have been working together to make sure ecosystems are able to thrive and plant and animal species are able to exist for future generations. So, let’s celebrate wildlife and the important conservation work being done around the world!” – says the UN article “The incalculable value of wildlife” devoted to World Wildlife Day marked on March 3.

The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) carries out purposeful work to preserve ecosystems and biodiversity. The Regional Statement on behalf of civil society and youth of Central Asian countries, voiced at the UNFCCC COP28 in Dubai (UAE), highlights the importance of the conservation of natural ecosystems, “We view the conservation of natural ecosystems as the most important and effective means for adapting to the changing climate and for maintaining the resilience of the global and regional climate systems. We call on the global community and the region’s governments not to replace the preservation of natural ecosystems with the creation of artificial forests, and to avoid the introduction of alien tree species. Naturebased solutions should be developed through a scientific approach, and only projects with high socio-ecological value should be considered for emission reduction units. It is essential to ensure the possibility of attracting financial resources for the conservation of natural ecosystems!”

In 2023, the project “Feasibility study of an effective system of financial self-sufficiency in protected areas (PAs)” was launched.

The BIOFIN Initiative and the CAREC are ready to provide methodological and expert support in the development and piloting of new financing mechanisms, the development of specific recommendations for piloting and making the necessary changes to Laws and regulations, which will allow all protected areas to apply new financing opportunities.

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