Date: September 25, 2020
Countries: Central Asia
Keywords: wetlands, ecosystem, national plans

The Central Asia region is characterized by the dynamic condition of the sites of wetlands occurring due to the arid climate conditions, which causes significant changes in water level and
the projective surface of water basins. At the same time, changes in the sites of wetlands in one of the countries of the region may have a significant impact on the regional level as a whole. Based on the aforesaid, efforts on the protection and management of important wetlands should be made at national policies and national plans level.

Why special actions on the protection and management of the wetlands should be taken?

1. Development of coordination of studies and measures to be taken for management
and conservation of Ramsar Sites and potential Ramsar Sites located in the transboundary

2. Information collection from all available sources on current anthropogenic threats
to Ramsar Sites and potential Ramsar Sites, especially concerning the Coronavirus
COVID19 pandemic.

3. Continued expansion of the list of nominated wetlands in Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan,
and Uzbekistan and lobbying for a potential Ramsar Site nomination in Kazakhstan.

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